Call for Volunteers: We Need Your Help!


Call for Volunteers: We Need Your Help!


Updated September 6, 2018

As our Fall intramural and travel seasons are kicking off, we are looking forward to another great season of soccer. It is your commitment to your children and our club that make Methacton United the best youth sports organization in the area.

We are a club run by volunteers, and it takes many a hand to grow the organization and keep us successful season to season and year to year. As older children and their volunteer parents age out of the club, we rely on new volunteers to fill the vacated roles and this coming year is no different.

Please scroll through the list of positions below and contact the indicated person if you are able to donate your time to help our club!


Executive Council


CRITICAL. Responsible for managing the finances of our club, which is a 401(c)(3) non-profit corporation. A background in accounting (CPA) or finance is preferred, but if you manage your household finances to the decimal place, this job should be no problem for you.

This position requires approximately 4 hours per week, primarily computer work that can be done during off-hours from home using Quickbooks Online and email. The required time is heaviest in during the fall travel season and lighter during the winter and spring seasons.

Our current Treasurer, Courtney May, has done a fantastic job of upgrading our systems and is stepping down after two years and will be available to transition to the new Treasurer. If you are interested, please contact John Larcinese at president@methactonunited.org.

Other Volunteer Positions

Our goal is to keep all volunteer roles as small and manageable as possible, because we value your time as much as you do. If you are interested in any of the positions below, please contact John Larcinese at president@methactonunited.org.

Director, Fundraising

Actively work to solicit local businesses to sponsor intramural teams. We have an established program in place, but we need someone to execute and contact potential sponsors on our behalf. Less than 1-2 hours per week.

U8 Intramural Coordinators

Assist with management of roster creation and uniform distribution for the U8 program. Ideally, we will have one for the boys and one for the girls. If you can help, please contact Jeff Davis at intramurals@methactonunited.org.

U10/12 Intramural Coordinators

Assist with management of roster creation, uniform distribution, and coordination of scheduling for the U10 and U12 programs. Our U10 boys play inhouse against each other. With limited teams in our U10 girls, and both U12 boys and girls, these teams play against West-Mont United Soccer Club. This volunteer position requires approximately 3-4 hours of time at the beginning of the season, working with the West-Mont coordinator, and then up to 1 hour/week when the weather doesn't cooperate and games have to be rescheduled. If you can help, please contact Jeff Davis at intramurals@methactonunited.org.

Marc J. Small Tournament Committee

To keep one of our proudest traditions successful year after year, we need your help to solicit sponsors, manage field setup, and run the snack bar. This was the 9th and final year for many of the original members of our tournament committee. There are many opportunities to help, with varying time commitments.

Valley Forge Cup Tournament Committee

Planning is beginning now for the 2019 Valley Forge Cup, our own tournament on Columbus Day weekend. We need many volunteers to help organize, plan, and execute next year's event!